A toolkit that gets you started & keeps you going.

Our set of skills are the backbone of products used by people around the world.

Ruby on Rails Web Development

Build a reliable and secure web application fast with Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is a battle tested web framework that powers some of the largest web applications in the world. In fact, 6 out of the top 10 products listed by Y Combinator's 2020 top companies are made in Ruby. We are extremely proud to say that Ruby on Rails is our web framework of choice.

Over the years, we've been able to learn how to build maintainable, light, and secure applications all on Ruby on Rails. We know Ruby on Rails can be the solution to meet your business goals.

Jason Chee //
Co-founder, Vice President

WeChat Mini Program

In 2017, WeChat opened it's doors to developers with their newest mobile web framework, WeChat Mini Program. Ever since then we've been developing MPs non-stop! Not only do we consider ourselves experts, but we are constantly trying to push the boundaries of Wechat Mini Program innovation in the workfield and for everyday users.

We've had the chance to create interesting information systems since the release of the development tools. Undoubtely, there's huge potential in this market that has yet to be tapped by the western market.

Sergio Rivas //
Co-founder, President

We sweat the little details

Our team of designers come from different creative backgrounds. Film, interior design, graphic arts, and illustrations. All of which transitioned to become coders and product designers.

DevOps and Cloud Architecture

We choose the right tools to ensure that your product is setup for optimal performance and smooth deployments. Whether you're on a small budget, or looking to beef your product with a network of powerful machines, you can guarantee from us the right choice.

We have extensive experience working on different cloud services. Giving you the option to serve your users with reliable providers that have data centers all over the world. We love working with Amazon Web Services, Alicloud, Azure, Digital Ocean, and Heroku.

Applications built by 88pixels to-go are containerized with Docker and are configured for automated deployments. By creating multiple staging instances of your product, we make sure live production applications never see the light of bad code.

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