Ruby on Rails

Build secure and powerful information systems with Ruby on Rails. The web framework used by companies like AirBnB, Twitch, and Shopify.

Workshop & Education

We provide training and education courses on technology and computer programming for people of different backgrounds and for corporations.

UI & Protoyping

Our design team is ready to build you functional and easy to use interfaces. Design, build, test on the fly in order to move faster to launch day.

Classroom Management Tool

Tsinghua University's iCenter needed a classroom mangement tool to oversee all interactions between students in the classroom.

Classroom instructors and students were able to discuss about classroom topics in an open forum.

Homework assignments and classroom activities were all recorded on the web application.

Product Development Workshop
Not only did we provide a custom software solution, but members of our team also provided workshop courses. Some discussions included, protoyping ideas, web design practices, and containerized deployment.
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