Ruby on Rails API

Ruby on Rails API does all the heavy lifting for the Wechat Mini Programs and middleware we build.

WeChat Mini Program

Leverage WeChat's ecosystem with Mini Programs. Create an e-commerce shop, or interactive marketing campaign. Endless innovation for your business.


If it's expertise knowledge of the China market, brainstorming tech ideas for your business, scoping down to create a MVP, we're confident in our ability to advise and share.

UI & Protoyping

Our design team is ready to build you functional and easy to use interfaces. Design, build, test on the fly in order to move faster to launch day.

Pivot to start

An ambitious native mobile game was this client's original objective, but after consideration we saw many challenges with their request.

So after brainstorming and pitching ideas around, we were able to come up with a project that would leverage new technology, find opportunity for data collection and in the end create a tool which grants new English speakers the chance to practice their spoken English.

"Build half a product, not a half-assed product"
By re-strategizing and moving forward with a new direction, we were able to launch a fun, interactive, and creative Wechat Mini Program.
Building SpeakOut gave us the opportunity to learn some cutting edge technology in speech and text AI. The project was a great experience for us to help another promising startup launch a MVP.
Sergio Rivas
Co-founder, President
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