Ruby on Rails

Build secure and powerful information systems with Ruby on Rails. The web framework used by companies like AirBnB, Twitch, and Shopify.

IoT Integrations

Quirky projects that require hardware are our favorite kind of projects. Some hacky projects we've worked on in the past saw use of ardunio chips, customized pbc boards, and esp8266.

UI & Protoyping

Our design team is ready to build you functional and easy to use interfaces. Design, build, test on the fly in order to move faster to launch day.

Customizable Advert Displays

Homeslice Pizza is a pizza chain that is growing fast. Their restaurants share the same theme, but locations have different pizza slices.

To make sure that menu items are up to date and allow for adverts to be changed throughout the day, we built them a custom web software which allows them to maintain such tasks.

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