Ruby on Rails

Build secure and powerful information systems with Ruby on Rails. The web framework used by companies like AirBnB, Twitch, and Shopify.

WeChat Mini Program

Leverage WeChat's ecosystem with Mini Programs. Create an e-commerce shop, or interactive marketing campaign. Endless innovation for your business.

Mobile Native Application

We write one codebase so you can serve two mobile platforms. Our iOS and Android stack includes a combination of Nativescript + Vue.js + Ruby on Rails

UI & Protoyping

Our design team is ready to build you functional and easy to use interfaces. Design, build, test on the fly in order to move faster to launch day.

Modernizing Traditional Processess

Decathlon wanted to make a transition from work spreadsheets to custom software solution.

Assess Go is a centralized information system developed and designed by 88pixels for Decathlon's China supply chain unit.

Decathlon staff and their suppliers use Assess Go together to manage and perform assessments on products that are put on the shelves of their offline and online stores.

Asynchronous teamwork
Assess Go allows for transparency and management of workflows. By bringing everyone involved together work is performed asynchronously, without the stress of opening up emails and spreadsheets.
Some of the neat things that make up Assess Go...
  • PDF generator
  • Import excel files
  • Data charts
  • Admin backoffice
  • Internal activity feed
  • Sendout email notifications
  • Schedule recurring actions
  • Microservice to integrate Google productivity apps
  • Avaliable on iOS, Android, Web, and Wechat Miniprogram
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