About us
We are 88pixels to-go.
Helping people, businesses, and organizations with easy-to-use modern technology solutions.
We're a small, custom software development company based in San Antonio, Texas that produces web based information systems, iOS and Android applications, and low-bandwidth managerial solutions. We help entrepreneurs and fresh businesses launch their tech products, and for larger entities/Gov. agencies seeking to modernize traditional processes, we provide enterprise level tech solutions and cloud based easy-to-use web software.
Our core values
We plan and coordinate for the sake of calmness. Calm is valuable to us and it's what we strive for.
We make sure that everyone is on the same page. Saying something is better than saying nothing.
We are adaptable and don't shy away from new strategy or technology.
We work smarter and in unison because we work asynchronously.
Be considerate of someone's time and energy. Communicate your point, ask your question, get the answer.
The team
Maggie Gong
Frontend Developer
Sergio Rivas
President, Co-founder
Jason Chee
Vice president, Co-founder
Our story
Every business has its beginning. For 88pixels to-go, our start was an ambitious side project. Before we even met, Sergio and I were residing in different parts of China and living much different lives. Our interest in the programming language, Ruby, allowed us to become acquainted. After several face-to-face conversations, we decided to combine forces to build a product together.
We had high hopes for this product, however things did not pan out the way we imagined. During that adventure we endured many tough scenarios, but our biggest takeaway was the realization that we enjoy working together.
Instead of beating ourselves up through our hardships, we set out to do what we believed felt right:
We bootstrapped a small business.
Since our start, 88pixels to-go have designed and developed technology solutions for people, entrepreneurs, businesses of different sizes, and global corporations. We have shared our knowledge of computer programming and product developing through workshops and lectures, and our personal experiences on running a small business at community events.
Till our very last day in business, 88pixels to-go approach will always be to deliver quality service, provide opportunities and to give back to the community. We continue to stand by our word through our good work.
Jason Chee
Vice President, Co-founder
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88pixels to-go is a software development business based in San Antonio, Texas
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